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Predrag Lukić, MPharm General Manager Serbia, Regional Director Montenegro, Macedonia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo Formerly GM PharmaSwiss Serbia. Prior to that held series of BUH and marketing / sales positions in PharmaSwiss Serbia.
Svetlana Petrović Director, Consumer Medicines, Serbia Previously Director, Consumer Medicines, PharmaSwiss (2000-2014). Prior to that, OTC BUH at BMS Serbia.
Ivana Pešić, MPharm Director Corporate Regulatory Affairs and Pharmacovigilance Previously Head of Regulatory Affairs at PharmaSwiss Serbia and Reg. Manager, KRKA Serbia.
Marija Nikolić, MD Regional Medical Director, Former Yugoslavia Clinical Pharmacologist. Held series of positions at leading MNCs / Quintiles in Medical and Research. Prior to that Chief of Clincal Pharmacology at Bel. Hosp.
Saulius Zemaitis, MD Regional Director Baltic Markets, General Manager Lithuania Until Jan, 2015 Regional GM Baltics at Valeant. Until 2011, GM Lithuania at PharmaSwiss and before that GM Lithuania at BMS. Started as BMS Med. Rep.
Marina Sandalj Ružić, MPharm General Manager Croatia Formerly GM PharmaSwiss Croatia. Prior to that, BUH Oncology at PharmaSwiss and prior to that BUH Oncology at BMS Croatia.
Zeljko Čačić, MD General Manager Slovenia Formerly GM Lectic Slovenia. Prior to that GM, Specialty BUH and CNS Product Manager at PharmaSwiss Slovenia. Has been through numerous BMS trainings and audits.
Jelica Čubrić Corporate Head of Quality Assurance Formerly QA Associate Director at Valeant Serbia. Previously held series of Quality/Compliance roles at Donau Labs & Coca Cola.
A Swiss Pharmaceutical Company
Kenan Selmanovic General Manager Bosnia & Herzegovina Formerly GM PharmaSwiss/Valeant BiH (2011-2018). Prior to that leading Schering Plough BiH (2008-2011), held series roles in GSK (2004-2008)
Ivana Prelević General Manager Montenegro Previously GM PharmaSwiss Montenegro 2003-2014 and prior to that GM Pfizer Montenegro.
Petr Pipal CFO Worked 3 years as CFO of PharmaSwiss and 10 years in senior finance functions in BMS, Member of the Board in Farma- Projekt Poland.
Jean-Michel Lespinasse CEO Worked 6 years as COO of A&D’s Marketing & Sales Division. Was as COO at Delta Medical, and before that was GM BMS Russia.
Laur Saar, MD Corporate Medical Director, Regulatory, PV Until May 2015 Medical Director of Valeant / Pharma Swiss Europe since 2006. Prior to that Regional Medical BMS Baltics.
Marcela Lassakova Corporate Director for Compliance and Internal Controls Until July 2016 Director Compliance and Internal Controls Valeant/PharmaSwiss EMEA since 2009. Prior to that Business Control Function Manager BMS Austria & Central Europe.
Meta Gros Head of Logistics Formerly Logistics Coordinator at PharmaSwiss. Prior to that purchase and sales positions in PharmaSwiss.
Gabriela Zelenkova Legal Advisor Previously BMS Vice-President and Ass. General Counsel, Head of Intercontinental R/C Law Department responsible for 65 markets including CEE, Middle East, Africa and India; China, Pacific Rim, Brazil, Latin America; Before that, BMS Vice- President and Ass. General Counsel, Head of R/C Law department Europe supporting all European countries and Distributor Markets of Europe.
Ivan Pertot, MPharm Regional BD Director Amicus Brands Previously Head of Regulatory Department for non-EU Balkan countries at PharmaSwiss, prior to that Regulatory Affairs Director (2009-2013) and Regulatory Affairs Manager (2007-2009) at PharmaSwiss Serbia and Regulatory Affairs Officer at Schering Plough Serbia.
Žaklina Pop-Simonova General Manager Macedonia, Kosovo, Albania Formerly GM PharmaSwiss/Valeant Macedonia, Kosovo, Albania (2012-2016). Prior to that GM PharmaSwiss Macedonia & Kosovo (2005-2012), GM Macedonia PharmaSwiss (2000-2005), GM BMS Macedonia (1996-2000). Started in early 1993 as Ostomy and Wound Care Manager for ConvaTec/BMS.
Istvan Langer General Manager Hungary Worked 9 years as GM of Valeant / Pharmaswiss Hungary, previously GM at Ozone and at Ratiopharm. Held regional BD positions in Ratiopharm and in BMS/Pharmavit for 10 years.
Tomas Cernik General Manager Czech Republic Formerly Country Manager of Bristol-Myers Squibb, responsible for Austria, before that for Czech Republic and Hungary. Prior to this held various commercial and finance positions at BMS in different Central European countries
Gabriela Markovova General Manager Slovakia Former Managing Director at A&D Pharma Marketing & Sales in Slovakia. In the past, BUM onco/orphan, Market Access and Marketing manager onco/orphan at Roche, Celgene and Takeda.